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We decided it was time to share all that we have learned and grown to love over many years spent traveling throughout Italy. Our family was fortunate enough to live in Rome for several years thus allowing us a glimpse at the true 'dolce vita'. We have spent a long time combing the country in search of the best of the best of ceramics, linens, soaps, oils and so on.

Vitalia is a proper name in Italian that conveys a strong zest for life, pride of country, beauty, and grace. Italy is a nation full of generous, intelligent, innovative, and demonstrative people along with overwhelming splendor. The magnificence of the landscape and culture are reflected in their ceramics, linens, art, and cuisine. It is the undeniable elegance in even the simplest things that inspired us to open a business where we can help provide a little of the Italian brilliance for you and your home.

We hand select all of the ceramics and linens that we carry and import them ourselves. We have taken the time to seek out the veritable artisans and their craft. What you will find at Vitalia are works of art that you can use and enjoy every day for years. Traditional, hand hewed, and stunning pieces are what we sell. Every true artisan in Italy takes great pride in their craft and we at Vitalia are very proud to offer their products to you.

We have developed personal relationships with all of our artisans thus guarantying superior product and originality. Another advantage of these special relationships allows for customization on many of our items.

Thank you for visiting Vitalia and come back often.

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