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Vitalia MajolicaWhat is Italian Majolica?

Majolica or Maiolica in Italian, meaning ‘enameled ceramic’ dates back to the 9th century, when the art form was first produced by Islamic cultures. By the 11th century as trade flourished, the art of glazing terracotta with an opaque or white glaze became increasingly more popular and widely produced. Gradually the island of Majorca, off the cast of Spain, became of the major trading posts between Spain and Italy, thus allowing for the influence of Majolica to spread throughout Italy.

Through the vast cultural movement of the Renaissance, Majolica flourished north to Venice and Turin and south to Palermo and Caltigirone in Sicily. The vivid colors, beauty and richness of detail and technique became revered and vastly produced. Many of the artisans’ products that we sell today come from families who have been producing ceramics since the Renaissance.

Today, Majolica is sculpted then glazed with an opaque, white glaze and fired at a low temperature to ensure vibrancy of color. It is because of these characteristics and techniques that our ceramics are not recommended to be used in microwaves. Due to the low temperature at which each piece is fired, one must be careful in handling because pieces can chip. Dishwashers are safe to use, but please be careful not to use on a high heat setting. Each item is hand painted creating some subtle differences and uniqueness from piece to piece.

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